· Entered Orphanage
· Experienced timely sense of family, stability and community
· Nurtured and felt safe to develop confidence amidst being different from a unique position

1987 – 1992

· Graduated High School a little early, was only 17 years old
· Had to enter foster care over the summer until college began in September. Yes I went to college
· Applied too late to obtain housing and had no independent living skills, i.e.: (car, bank account, financial knowledge, friends, etc.), moved into rooming house and took a menial job to supplement scholarship
· Mentored in finance and real estate by an accountant who encouraged me to quit my job and create passive income without a clock
· My Argument: "I need my benefits!" – but still was immersed under his tutelage as he became multi-millionaire, sold the practice, wrote best-sellers and retired him and his entire family at age 40.

1992 – 2001

· Entered the workforce as an investigator in the social sector.
· Observed outcomes of society’s band-aid fixes with social issues at its root i.e., facilitating outcomes of scarcity, lack and uncertainty that manifested as financial crimes against seniors along with physical and psychological crimes against children
· Developed an addiction to working long, hard hours to achieve a sense of self-actualization while positioning myself to give back to those who were instrumental in my growth along the way.
· My 3 nieces were born, who added to my "why" as I wanted them to want for nothing
· Insisted my Mentor/accountant not retire from me as he helped me take advantages of maximum tax deductions, Mentor laughed at my earnings through trading hours for dollars
· Still arguing a need for stability and security from a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and predictable income, but still growing and learning more under Mentor's tutelage


· Relocated to North from the comforts and stability of the South
· Total Culture Shock, but invested too much in the move to return.
· Still impacted by my Mentor and deciding to make lemonade out of lemons, enrolled in Real Estate School and received a Real Estate License--Quickly learned it was training to be an employee [again] with lots of restrictions and not conducive to learning about Urban Planning and Development
· Enrolled in State Graduate Program


· Unbeknownst to me, that State School turned out to be an enrollment in an Ivy League University at Master’s Level
· Undergrad was 15 years earlier, so I was one of the eldest stretched, challenged and culture shocked folks once again, but in the best way and in an environment that would educate me for the next level of my purpose.
· Introduced to paradigm shifts and insider strategies


· Recruited from my University in the Financial Arena
· Served as Senior Mortgage Analyst
· Noticed that improper education about money resulted in cyclical scarcity
· Financial Mortgage Market Crashed and so did our lucrative incomes


· Forced to transition into another career in an attempt to continue quality of life
· Worked as an Executive Recruiter in the Food Service Industry – Failed Miserably
· Remembered mentorship and need for financial education
· Entered Financial Services Industry obtaining my Series Licenses and Credentialing
· Served as Financial Representative – Realized the disconnect in Financial Services Mainstream Offerings and Insider Strategies

2009 -2010

· Transitioned into Private Practice and began serving my clients 1:1
· Excelled through "word of mouth" and referrals
· Developed model for The ART Strategy – Accelerated Retirement Techniques. Reflective of mentorship involving early retirement strategies leveraging financial products as tools, services and real estate


· Created an Independent Private Practice [aka, JOB, old practice model], which enslaved me to earning money based on face to face only.
· Developed success from "old practice model" however, the old model limited me to success predicated on conditions, limited my time, freedom and number of clients serviced
· Further realized the fallacy in the "old practice model" when purchased a franchise and became a Certified Affordable Housing Provider and had to go away for 6 months for training and, although there was residual income in place, practice income plummeted


· Entered coaching to upgrade from the "old practice model" and realized it is possible to provide transformational service on a leveraged platform

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