Your Business Has Grown--So What? How Do You Hold On To The Money Without Losing You?

Your business has grown, but with growth comes challenges such as sustainability, predictability, time, freedom. And most successful "businesses" in a fashion similar to "mistresses" become very jealous "partners" not to mention extremely demanding all the time.

I'll Bet This Is You

1. You desire to leave a legacy for your family and be remembered for doing something GREAT during your short time here on Earth.

2. You rip your hair out because income is inconsistent and it comes from only one income stream (this scenario is often the recipe to financial disaster)!

3. You are clueless with regard to alternative options concerning profits, your yearly willingness to overpay taxes and graciously earn less than you are legally entitled to.

4. Success of your business has come at the cost of missing out on things you want to do time after time, feeling distracted even when surrounded by family and friends.

5. You rely almost totally on word of mouth referrals which creates unpredictable results (it is exhausting to always have to kill what you eat, isn't it?), the wrong clients, or you overpay on marketing fees that fail to precisely and quickly reach target markets!

6. If for any reason (illness, injury, mental breakdown) you are not actively involved in your business or services, the income will cease or reduce greatly over time. (A form of modern day slavery).

7. You are not aware of unconventional methods to create sources of income so you tap into savings which are often never replaced, hit with penalties or lost forever. (You cannot know what you do not know).

8. Your pride in a job well done keeps you to the grindstone because there is no one else who can manage your business or service at the level you can.

9. You see no end in sight (you are living the best years of your life on a perpetual hamster wheel) and if there is an end, it seems unrealistic; you have no concept of available options that could alleviate or stop the madness without taking drastic measures. (You cannot know what you do not know).

10. Cash flow is consistently tight (then, why you working those long hours with a jealous partner if you're not getting all you need?)furthermore, imagine for a moment your client flow stopped! Competition is fierce you know!

And change is gonna happen whether you prepare for it or not! (What you gonna do then)? How do you explain financial devastation to your kids, spouse, parents or significant other?

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