Success Stories

Pearl "Black Pearl" Ramsey, POETIC JUSTICE - "WRITING To RIGHT Things"

I was so excited about Valerie's patience, process and desire to help me make CENTS from my dollars, that I asked to create a Webinar of her presentation just for my family across the country. This is exactly what we needed to create the financial legacy that we always dreamed of and talked about and with a Financial Planner and Estate Planner that we could trust. TRUST is everything when it comes to how your money is invested and spent. Valerie L. Trent is someone that I TRUST.

Sometimes the answers are right under our noses. But, it's difficult to sniff it out if you haven't mastered the mysteries of the Financial DaVinci code. There's a reason why the 1 percent remains 1%. It's not just positive affirmations and Zen meditations. They know that wealth really isn't a mystery but, access to information. Connecting with the right person mastered in the art of demystifying the information appropriate to your financial destination.

Finally, hardworking people have an advocate; schooled in their world, trained for ours and passionate about money. Valerie L. Trent (Valerie L. Trent Financial Group, LLC), a Financial Planner and Estate Planner, is self-made and well respected. A proven, dear friend of mine for over 20 years. She just makes money sense. Her goal is to empower and educate people motivated to change their financial present and future, create legacy wealth and gainfully employ their children and money without tricks and gimmicks, but knowledge with the information that's right before our eyes. She lives this SUCCESSFULLY. She knows the IRS Tax code language and is here to assist your dollars into making Cents, or vice versa.

Simple. Clear. Easy. Real.

Finally help is here. She is Professor X teaching MONEY 101 for Dummies, lol. Those that have the will but just aren't able because we don't understand the ever changing language. In one phone call she brought clarity to years of murky confusion. She cuts through and builds you up with financial literacy and a business model that works. RIGHT NOW.

Gratitude from me and my family, Valerie." :)

Shawn Greene, Basketball Skill Trainer at Champion Trained, LLC

"Valerie is the type of person that EVERYONE should know! Literally! She is the most detailed, positive and success-oriented person there is! She will properly advise and guide you to your financial freedom! The thing is--most people do not know what they are capable of. Valerie sheds the light to the unknown and helps people reach the goal they desire...in a surprisingly short amount of time! A wealth of knowledge and know-how mixed with an approachable personality and willingness to share vital financial information is the best way I could describe Valerie! HIGHLY recommended!."

Beatrice Caraballo, Executive Producer & Host - The World Around Us Talk Show

"Valerie is a caring and compassionate individual with a passion in bringing you to the next level. 'We can all achieve greatness! She will take you step by step, teach you about investments, financial stability - how to not worry about the economy because you are your own economy. She shares her path to success so that you can learn it and not waste your time hitting the brick walls. If you don't know her, well then you are missing a great business leader and professional."

Natimah Barge, Licensed Realtor at Keller Williams Realty

"Valerie Trent is amazing! In the short time I've known her, she has provided me with extremely valuable information that I know will take my career as a Realtor and investor to the next level. She is very patient, attentive and knows her work!! If you are looking to grow your business or want to become financially free, look no further! Valerie has a wealth of mind blowing knowledge that will change your life! I have never been so excited for my future as I am now and I am so thankful to have Valerie and her expertise by my side, guiding me along the way to financial freedom!" :)

Brittnee Bynoe Speaker, Writer and Mentor

"Valerie Trent is a must have connection if you are looking to take your financial life to the next level. The principles she shares apply to both business and personal finances. She teaches her clients and audiences how to create wealth and the life of their dreams. She herself is a wealth of information and an electrifying teacher. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have their money work for them and create wealth that sustains itself. Kudos to Valerie!"

Shakiesha Watson, Consumer Loan Specialist at PHH Mortgage

"Valerie is a well-knowledgeable financial planner that knows her work.

I was blind to what I could have been doing with my financials and I also lacked the knowledge on how to create a foundation that would allow me to be financially stable/comfortable within the next several years.

I found Valerie JUST IN TIME through another friend that's also working with her.

Valerie did a complete analysis of my financial situation, helped me understand how much I needed to save to have enough for retirement (which is just around the corner for me and I am only 25 years old. Please do not let companies or anyone fool you into believing that you have to be 65 to retire).

Valerie also made suggestions on how to reallocate funds in my 401k.

Thanks to this young lady I am on my way to a great future financially and I couldn't have been more happy to have her by my side. There's plenty of options out there for us that most banks and financial institutions will NOT tell you about.

I highly recommend Valerie. Do not let the idea of money management be foreign to you. She is so helpful, always available, works in your best interest and will advise what to expect from various investment options. She checks in with me periodically to make sure my financial goals are being met. Happy Planning--especially to my peers don't wait!"

Claudette Hughes Chief Operating Officer at ABA Philadelphia Spirit

"Valerie is very instrumental to the success of our team. Our organization does not hire employees we contract people's services and talents.

She is teaching everyone within the organization how to brand their passion and talents, and create wealth. For our players, she is preparing them for life after the game.

For our staff, which some are self employed and others work in Corporate America she is preparing them as well for life after retirement.

Her simplistic but informative teachings are meant to deliberately cause a paradigm shift where one goes from seeing themselves as an employee to being a business brand he/she can market and create their own wealth while having fun doing it.

If you are interested in taking your business and/or your family to the next level I recommend you start by having a consultation with Valerie; believe me it will be a wise investment into your future."

Natalie Mitchem, Health and Nutrition at BCCAP

"Valerie L. Trent offers an informative and impactful "Financial Wellness" presentation! The presentation and information helps participants to better understand their personal and business finances, money for college and retirement and to how to create a plan for success in life. Her presentations are life changing and will add value to your life!"

Niurca Louis, Department Director at Robins' Nest Inc.

"Valerie came highly recommended from a mutual professional connection. She lead the business/financial seminar in our 2013 Youth Summit. It was an overwhelming success.

The youth who were enrolled in that seminar left feeling enriched and energized around the possibilities for their future. The young folks who were unable to attend her seminar have requested to hold this seminar again.

She offers dynamic and innovative learning experiences for young people of all ages and has effective strategies at engaging the youth in exploring their potential. This is an extremely valuable service for the youth of our communities. We can't wait to have her back!"

Chef Rashaun Scudder, Executive Chef/Owner at On The Marc Catering

"Valerie is a very detailed person who breaks down any financial situation and makes it work for you. When you think you can't she says you can. I appreciate her willingness and "go-getter" attitude towards anything she is trying to do. Anyone who hires her is in a win-win situation."

Jacqueline Williams, Education/Career Consultant

"Valerie is an excellent financial strategist. She listens, and takes the time to understand the needs of the person and makes recommendations based on the needs of the person, not from a place of "need to make a sale". I highly recommend Valerie she gave me good, timely recommendations that is helping me to meet my financial goals."

Carol Spigner, Independent Child Welfare Consultant

"Valerie was my student at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a highly motivated hard worker. Her passion is in finance and financial literacy. She has worked as a lender and as a coach and teacher in this area. Politically astute, Valerie builds strong and influential networks. She was a pleasure as a student and performed well in both class and community settings."

Aaron Howard, Former Player New York Knicks

"What I admire most about Valerie is her can-do attitude. Whatever the challenge may be, Valerie approaches it with confidence and a well thought out plan of attack. She expertly provided me with an overview of my financial condition and advised me of tactics and products that would best benefit me and my family. I heartily recommend Valerie if you are considering financial services or any other services she provides."

Jerome Penn, Financial Broker at Primerica Financial Services

"When it comes to Valerie Trent as a worker she's actually one of the best. She is driven beyond belief and only gives 150% in anything she commit too. If there is an extra step needed she'll go the distance. She's self motivated and can work extremely well with others when and if needed but also will go the extra on her own. When you hire Valerie Trent I promise she will become an asset."

William V Thompson, Owner and CFO at The Church Coalition

"Valerie has vision...vision that will assist you in fulfilling your potential. We talk about thinking outside the box, Valerie lives outside the box. Doing business with Valerie has added value to my company."

Darryl C. Mason, Owner, The M.I.G. Corporation

Valerie is a hard worker who is consistent and knows how to get the job done.